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Apr 24

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I love this gif.


I love this gif.

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this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there

???? ??/?

??????/??????  ?????/1??? ?????????????????//? ?

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Apr 23


a relationship will not cure your issues, no matter how hard young adult books and films try to push that notion on us. if you have depression or bipolar or anxiety or whatever, getting into a relationship isn’t going to cure that or make it go away. person with illness + relationship = ill person in a relationship. please don’t put all of your focus on finding someone to fix you, focus on fixing yourself the right way.

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Apr 22

death noot


death noot

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Apr 21



weak unprepared people sleep naked. what are you gonna do when a robber comes in your house and see you naked? ?your material possessions can be replaced but your dignity cannot. 

the robber will be so blown away by my massive DONG that he will have SO MUCH RESPECT for me and my MASSIVE PENIS that he will put all the stuff back and walk out. all because of my COLOSSAL MEMBER.

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say it to his face one more time, hinata, i devildog dare you

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Mako: Blackbanshee

Gamagori: Thattallsummonerguy

Anime: Kill la Kill

Convention: Wondercon 2014

Cosplays made by: Blackbanshee

Props made by: Thattallsummonerguy

Photography by: Jung S. Kim Photography

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